Welcome to the campaign 'Nefertiti travels'.


The campaign was running in the time from April 11 to June 30, 2007. This website was the virtual centre of the campaign. Here you can find background information and all results of the campaign.

As you can see from the title, the campaign started up a public debate about Nefertiti, the 'most famous Berlin lady'. The debate centred on whether the antique bust of the former Queen of Egypt can now travel to Cairo to be shown in her country of origin for the first time.


A personal slogan decorates the campaign's bill: "We'll bring you home by any means, Baby!"


Find out about the history of the Nefertiti bust which was discovered in 1912 in Tell el-Amarna in Egypt and which is now exhibited in Berlin. And see for yourself the significance of this bust for the capital city today and for her fans worldwide. Learn about some of Nefertiti's companions: Various other well-known art treasures from different continents that are being claimed back by their countries of origin.

In the debate forum more than 180 short texts were posted and discussed during the campaign. The vote reflects the public opinion: Should Nefertiti travel to Egypt? Should she stay in Berlin or be given back to Cairo?

Find out more about the campaign, about the activities that took place in various cities and the accompanying material, which is still available.


Results of the campaign

By broad national and international media coverage, the campaign informed wide public masses and initiated a public debate with responsible decision makers.

International media criticised the German government's attitude and maintained an ethical obligation to offer Egypt the loan of the bust. More than 10 Mio people worldwide followed the debate.

However, the reactions of the German government are unsatisfying so far. The German Minister for Culture denied a loan and announced that Nefertiti is not in a condition to travel for conservational reasons. Several experts and the media cast doubt on that reasons to be the crucial factor.

The initiators of the campaign called on the Minister for Culture to make arrangements for an expert meeting together with Egyptian experts to check Nefertiti's transportability.


Briefly - Who we are

This campaign was part of the Culture and Development Programme which CulturCooperation e.V. is carrying out funded by the European Commission. The three-year programme covers questions of international cultural politics. These have been very much neglected up to now both in the development cooperation field and in the area of cultural and foreign policies. The aim of the entire project is to call attention in Europe to the cultural political interests and claims of the countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. The aim is to develop common strategies for partnership in cultural.

With the campaign 'Nefertiti travels' we are completing the section of the project concerned with the protection of cultural assets from theft, destruction and illegal trading and with international cooperation in questions concerning the restitution and exchange of cultural assets.

CulturCooperation e.V. was founded in 1986 with the aim of promoting cultural encounters and exchange between the countries of Europe and those of Africa, Asia and Latin America and making critical contributions to policies in this field. This Hamburg-based charitable association carries out many and various international projects on cultural exchange and holds events on cultural politics in Germany and abroad. more > www.culture-and-development.info






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